Who’s Getting the Scholarships?

Issue 9, Volume VI
June 5, 1975
pg. 2

Who’s Getting the Scholarships?

Have you ever wondered why some people get scholarships and others don’t? The typical answer is that the students who do well in school get them, and those who are just average or worse don’t.

Before you accept this answer as the truth, take a look at the people who get scholarships. To do this, divide them into three categories – upper, middle, and lower class.

First, the upper class. These are usually people who don’t need scholarships because of their financial situation. Sure some of them would like one and some of them get one, but it is a very small percentage.

Second, the lower class. Most of the time someone in this financial situation can get a scholarship, just out of need. This very often happens whether they do well in school or not.

Last, middle class. Includes the majority of us. Our financial situation is not so desperate, that we absolutely need a scholarship, but it could set us back quite a bit. A middle class person seems to be the only who has to work hard to get a scholarship.

Of course there are other factors which enter into the selection such as being a member of a minority group, or doing something which is considered a great accomplishment, and possibly even having an influential relative might help.

It probably seems silly to include a few pieces from my high school newspaper, but hey, it’s where I got my start writing, so why not?


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  1. FJ Rocca

    It’s not silly at all. Sometimes the observations we make as adolescents or young adults are sage beyond years. This is a good piece, but it doesn’t fully treat the subject as it would were you writing it today. Maybe you should expand it and submit it to one of the websites that handle this kind of subject.

    1. Dan P. (Post author)

      Thanks! It’s not a subject that I’m well versed enough in these days to really treat with any intellectual pursuit. But, as I’m combing through old scribblings, I’m finding things that might just fit the bill. Perhaps your site?


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