The Public Eye
No. 3
October 31, 1975
pg. 1


There is a lot of talk going around about the upcoming millage election. Although many people seem to know what’s going on, do you?

IN the last five years State Aid has dropped from nearly $4,000,000 to nothing, inflation has lowered the purchasing power of the dollar by 40¢, and due to a new tax law the school system will be losing $1,600,000 per year.

Because of several state and federal laws, some of ths money must be used for faculty unemployment compensation, special education, health and safety regulations, and equal extracurricular activities for girls.

Despite this the School Board has managed to provide many things, including transportation for 4200 students and the reestablishment of the summer school programs.

In the next three years the present revenue coming into the school system will fall $5,000,000 short of anticipated expenditures. A millage increase of 2 mills will bring approximately $5,000,000 to the school system. This money if collected cannot be used for teacher salary negotiations.

If this 2 mill increase is not passed for the next two years, there will be a 4 mill increase next year. This second possibility would result in taxpayers paying $2,000,000 more than if the 2 mill plan is passed.

Also if the increase is not approved the school system may have to decrease faculty by approximately 150 staff, both vocal and instrumental music, co-curricular activities, and elective courses.

The cost of this increase to the homeowner will be approximately one-teth of one percent of the value of his/her home ($30 on a $30,000 home, etc.).

If you are 18 or older and have not registered to vote, please do so. Then November 4th, go and vote in favor of the 2 mill increase for your sake and others.

The Public Eye was an “underground” newpaper produced by “the students of Ann Arbor High Schools. Basically, it was the non-authorized, free paper, produced by a couple of people who I came to know (and am actually still in touch with one) from the three different high schools in town. I only wrote one piece for them as far as I know – I think I helped more with things like layout.


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