Forensics Team Shows ‘Em’

Issue 7, Volume VIII
March 4, 1976
pg. 1

Forensics Team Shows ‘Em’

High Quality. That’s what the sponsors of a Forensics conference in Gatlinburg, Tennessee said about Huron’s Forensics team. Six students along with Mrs. Kreger spent five days competing against the 53 best High School Forensics teams in the south.

The students: Dan Leach, Patty Woolley, Karin Schmidt, Dave Manis, Becca Stucki and Wendy Ward spent three days of competition, sometimes till 11:00 at night. Every one of them had at least one round of perfect scores. They competed in categories that don’t even exist in Michigan Forensics. In the Interp category, Becca was semi-finalists and Patty was a finalist. Patty won a 4-year scholarship to the sponsoring college for her excellent speaking. Dave and Karin were highest from Huron with a 4th place in Duet Acting.

When they weren’t competing, the students spent their time enjoying the 70° weather as they thought of us back here in Michigan. They enjoyed everything from a 4-mile cable car ride to playing Tank (Ask them.).

One thing that they especially enjoyed was the southern hospitality which really does still exist. Another thing was the low prices which helped considerably as the students paid for this trip out of their own pockets.

Ms. Kreger said, “This was the best competition we’ve ever been in, and one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.”

It probably seems silly to include a few pieces from my high school newspaper, but hey, it’s where I got my start writing, so why not?


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