The View From Missive Control

Space Frontier News
Space Frontier Society
A Chapter of the National Space Society
July 1994
Vol. 5, No. 5
Page 2

The View From Missive Control
by Dan Perlman, Editor

I’ve just returned from watching the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, and all that, as the city and Macy’s put on their annual firework show. After watching how excited people get over little teeny rockets that blow up into bright colors and make noise, it occurred to me that that’s the way the American public used to be about the space program. (Well, we didn’t want the rockets blowing up in technicolor, but you get the idea.) Darrell Coles contributes to the newsletter this month with some ideas of his own on how we might be able to wake up our friends and neighbors to the wonders of space, far beyond the East River.

We also have our first installment in a series of essays collected in SFS’ recent essay contest – and with the dozens and dozens of entries we got, we know there’s some inspiration out there in a new generation. Robin CP Vermuccio of our own Education Committee joins us with a short review of a book that makes great reading for the younger set. (Sorry Robin, I just didn’t have room for all three.)

As might be expected, given the elections at the last meeting, our President’s Message is delivered this month by Greg Zsidisin. Congratulations Greg on your landslide victory! It was almost as if you ran unopposed….

And congratulations to our other winners: Sam Liebowitz is (still) vice president and treasurer; Linda DeLaurentis takes over as secretary; and the entire slate of eight board candidates became the board – Darrell Coles, Bill Engfer, Carolyn Josephs, Seth Potter, Paul Roseman, Alan Wasser, Steven Wolfe and yours truly.

Greg advises us that the dealine for the early registration price on our own ISDC ’96 has been extended to September 15th. JPL has published a predicted schedule for the best viewing of the Shoemaker-Levy comet collision with Jupiter – for Easter North America, they’re placing bets on 7:34 p.m. on Saturday, July 16th. Let’s hope for an early sundown.

A Happy Spaceweek and Moon Day to all of you, see you at the picnic!


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