A Hare-Raising Harvest Happening


Early on, the dinner parties were a collaboration between myself and my friend Pat Sterling, and at the time we thought we’d keep those going for awhile. This (the 4th) was, however, the last dinner in which she participated as a collaborator, she went and found herself a boyfriend and moved up to the Hudson Valley. Good help is hard to find, you know?

Smoked Trout in
Caramelized Apple & Onion Broth

1992 Domaine Marcel Deiss Pinot Blanc

Rabbit Braised in
Chocolate and Port Sauce
Pommery Mustard Spaetzle

1985 Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon

Devil’s Rain Salad

Butternut Squash Tartlets with
Molasses Cream

1993 Rivetti Bricco Quaglia Moscato d’Asti

The rabbit dish is a South American one from Felipe Rojas-Lombardi’s excellent The Art of South American Cooking. The salad comes from the Nero Wolfe Cookbook by Rex Stout.


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