’97 Dinner


Okay, this one’s a doozy. I was on a momentary history kick. So I’d gone back and done some searching on things that happened in various fields in February of ’97s – starting with 1397 and moving forward. In blog format the table layout isn’t going to work, so the table was laid out with columns for Year, Art (each with a thumbnail of a painting), Literature (each with a quote from something published at that time relating to food), Politics (an event), Food & Wine (my menu). I think this is also the first dinner at which I took some photos….

The Second Sunday Supper Circle’s ’97 Dinner
February 9, 1997


Pisanello (Antonio Pisano), most well known painting “Portrait of a Princess of the House of Este”

“And namely, fro the white wyn of Lepe, … This wyn of Spaigne crepeth subtilly.” Geoffrey Chaucer, The Pardoner’s Tale

Union of Kalmar between Sweden, Denmark and Norway

Asian broth with a medley of smoked shellfishes and fishes served with Hidalgo Manzanilla Fina


Hans Holbein the Younger, most famous for his paintings of Henry Viii and family

“Her is good rink, and here is good pie.” John Heywood, A Mery Play

Cornwall Rebellion, Vasco da Gama rounds the Cape of Good Hope

Cornish root vegetable pasties and green peppercorn cream served with a 1995 Hamilton Russell Vineyards Chardonnay


El Greco paints “St. Martin and the Beggar”

“Will you strive for wine?”
“Give us a fresh cup; I will have ye friends.” John Lyly, the Woman in the Moone

Japan campaigns against Korea

Kanso amazake marinated lamb with mint sauce served with a 1988 Cavalleri Tajardino


Canaletto (Antonio Canale), famous for paintings of piazzas and courtyards in Venice

“Read, read, sirrah! and refine your appetite … feast your mind … read and take your nourishment in at your eyes; shut up your mouth, and chew the cud of understanding;” William Congreve, Love for Love

China conquers western Mongolia

Duck confit and fresh ham with crispy wontons and plum/brandy sauce served with a 1971 Chateau Haut-Brion


Ando Hiroshige, known for his series of paintings of the 53 Stations along the Mt. Fuji pilgrimage trail

“For he on honey-dew hath fed, And drunk the milk of Paradise.” Samuel Taylor-Coleridge, Kubla Khan

Napoleon conquers Austria

A selection of cheeses (Bleu Castello, San Marcellin and San Luca) served with a 1992 Hiedler Weissburgunder halbtrocken


Henri Matisse, known for his use of color, especially in paintings of simple, daily life

“Who will have some lemonade? You know our rules: total abstinence.”
“No use, dear. They’ve all had champagne.” Bernard Shaw, Candida

Turkey declares war on Greece

Lemon curd served with a 1988 Pol Roger Brut champagne

80045_02The table, set for dinner.

80045_03My boyfriend Mark, and someone who I can’t recognize from the photo.

80045_04Raymond, the maitre d’ from Felidia where I was working; Frank, my friend who has illustrated my books; and friend Bob

80045_06The lamb.

80045_07The duck confit, ham and crispy wontons.

80045_08The lemon curd.


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