Of Lions & Lambs

I must assume that I was inspired by the old adage for March, “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. Not on the original menu, but I’ve added the sources of the quotes where I could find them.

March 8, 1998
Of Lions & Lambs

Ain’t we gonna have no supper?”

“Sure we are, If you gather up some dead willow sticks. I got three cans of beans in my bindle. You get a fire ready. I’ll give you a match when you get the sticks together. Then we’ll heat the beans and have supper.”
– Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck

Baked Beans
Drappier “Val des Demoiselles” Rosé Brut

It was a wicked waste of food to see great big snails crawling about unmolested and uneaten.”…

One can hardly waste one’s food merely by the act of seeing snails. Literally construed, however, the sentence certainly does mean that anybody whose eye should chance to fall upon a snail in the garden is in that act suddenly guilty of a sensational act of economic extravagance.
– Rev. Canon Horsely, President of the Conchological Society, April 1906; the followup comment I couldn’t find online.

Brandied Snails
1993 Ronchi di Cialla “Ciallabianco”

It was now the middle of June, and the weather fine; and Mrs. Elton was growing impatient to name the day, and settle with Mr. Weston as to pigeon-pies and cold lamb, when a lame carriage-horse threw every thing into sad uncertainty.
– Emma, Jane Austen

Pigeon Pie
1994 Sanford “Barrel Select” Pinot Noir

I followed the direction of his eye through the door which stood open, and found it fixed wistfully on the savory breast of lamb, roasting in dripping richness before the fire. I now called to mind that, in the eagerness of my recondite investigation, I was keeping the poor man from his dinner.
– The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Washington Irving

Spoon Lamb
1983 Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino Riserva

Cheese changes from county to county. Cheese can even change, like wine, from valley to valley. It is exactly because it is very old that it is always various and surprising; and it is exactly because humanity (with one dreadful voice) demands cheese, that cheese is always different. I am altogether in favour of such differences and the preservation of them.
– couldn’t find the citation online

English Cheeses
1979 Château Peyrabon

We have to put him in our museums and such places, just as we have to put tiny little chips of grey stone that look as if you could pick them up in the street, or homely-looking brown beetles at which no self-respecting child could look twice…

They ask us to search and prod our memories for the small things that so easily escape us; they attach importance to every little domestic incident, even to such a trifle as a lion.
– The heraldic lion, GK Chesterton (first quote); second quote couldn’t find online

Peach Trifle
1995 Roberto Zeni “Rosa”


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