Simple Fusions

19990613This was a fun one. I don’t particularly remember why I chose to do a Chinese fusion menu – my first thought in looking back is that it was while I was dating Lee, from Chiuchow, China, and it’s possible, though there’s already a dinner where I played around with a specifically Chiuchow dish. Then again, they’re only six months apart, and we dated for a bit over a year. And I have this vague memory of him talking about his mother preparing black chicken and missing the dish. Who remembers? What I do know, is that my friend Frank, a long standing dining companion and illustrator of my books, followed me around for the day with his camera, and shot a couple of rolls of film, from shopping, to views from my window, to the ingredients, to the preparation. I would have thought that there would be photos of the finished dishes too, but so far I haven’t come across those. I’ve picked out about a dozen photos from those that I do have and scanned them in.


Beijing – Monterey
Red-Braised Five Spice Beef – “Heartwise” Salad
Kristone Blanc de Noirs, 1992

Shanghai – Galicia
Drunken Crab Paella
Pazo de Barrantes Albariño, 1996

Sichuan – Milan
‘Lungching’ Conch Tonnato with New Potatoes
Nino Negri Valtellina Sfursat “5 Stelle”, 1994

Guangdong – Beaujolais
Steamed Black Chicken with Morels and Dates
Paul Bernard Fleurie, 1997
Clos de la Roilette Fleurie, 1998

Hong Kong – Portugal
Azeitão, Ëvora, & Ribaeria Cheeses with Fresh Lychees
Paola da Silva Colares “Chitas” Reserva, 1989

roll 1 (6)
roll 1 (14)
roll 1 (19)
roll 1 (21)
roll 2 (30)
roll 2 (1)
roll 2 (34)
roll 2 (5)
roll 2 (7)
roll 2 (14)
roll 2 (22)
roll 2 (26)


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