Sandwich Spread

19990808The theme started with an historical event relating to the Sandwich Islands – and the idea built from there.

AUG. 8, 1999

On August 8, 1860, the Queen of the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii) became the first foreign queen to set foot on U.S. soil, here in New York. While I’m sure she never ate this on a pu-pu platter back in Hawaii, we’re having my version of Shrimp Toasts with Daikon Sauce and a bottle of Paul Cheneau Blanc de Blancs Cava.

Explorer John Cook set in to what he named Cape Sandwich (now Hichinbrook), Australia. If he’d had a decent galley cook, he no doubt would have enjoyed a bowl of Coconut-Pumpkin Soup with Sea Scallops and Pumpkin Seed Focaccia washed down with a flagon of 1990 Philippe Pichon Condrieu.

Sandwich Bay, Newfoundland, is about as far north on the Atlantic Coast as I’d care to find myself. A simple “Mic-mac Sea Jelly” terrine with flounder, turbot and asparagus might be served with a bottle of 1991 Silvio Jermann “Piccolo Sogno”.

Sandwich, Kent, England, is a quaint town dating from early in the millennium. The earliest mention of the town is from 640 A.D., but the town is clearly older than that and is named for the Saxon term for sand. A proper main course at a local inn might (if they had a cook who was up to it) be Pan-Fried Lamb Steaks with Red Currant and Rosemary Chutney. The English are big on Bordeaux and would likely accompany this wiht a bottle of 1986 Chateau d’Issan Margaux.

Sandwich, Massachusetts is a perfect place to explore the New England Coast. It’s also a great place to explore the blue cheeses of the area like Worcester County Goatsmilk Blue, Great Hill Cowsmilk Blue and Hubbardston Blue Cow, with a bottle of 1983 “Le Pergole Torte” from Montevertine.

Let’s face it, the South Sandwich Islands are completely uninhabited, and nobody has really bothered to take any pictures. Unless you count raw fish and penguins the diet of local seals, there’s no cuisine. I have full license to create my Mocha Sandwich with Hazelnut Butter, Shiro Plum Jam, Mascarpone and Bay Leaf Syrup. 1996 Jessandra Vittoria Port accompanies.


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