10-10- Dinner

19991010Back in the day before things like Skype and Vonage, or even instant messaging, there was a period that one can only think back on as the 10-10- days. The was a sudden spate of new phone companies offering cheap long distance calling, and they all had 10-10- numbers that you called to register and setup your account. It was a thing. Unfortunately, I don’t remotely recall what most of these dishes were.

The Second Sunday Supper Circle
10-10- Dinner 1999

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned Pot Likker
N.V. Pomme du Jour Cidre de Normandie

Spare a Dime Scallops
1995 Glen Ellen “Expressions” Chardonnay

Two Cents Worth of Salmon
1997 Domaine de l’Ile “Porquerolles” Rose

Nickel and Dime Roasted Pork and Crabapple Chutney
1995 Kynsi Syrah

Save a Buck or Three Cheeses
1984 B.V. Private Reserve “Georges de Latour”

Mere Tuppence Snickerdoodles
Mastroberardino “Antheres” Irpinia Liquoroso


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