Free-Form February Food Fantasy

A study in alliteration, or as they might say on Sesame Street, today’s menu is brought to you by the letter “F”.

Free-Form February Food Fantasy
February 13, 2000

Frik Faux Pho
Fillaboa ’96 Albariño

Fried Finnochio
Il Podere dell’Olivos ’97 Fiano

Foie ‘n Fuji Flapjacks
Pfeffingen ’88 Ungsteiner Herrenberg Scheurebe Spätlese
to celebrate the beginning of pancake week

Fish ‘n Fris Flotsam
Flora Springs ’97 Merlot
to celebrate the day of the blessing of the salmon nets

Fleur du Maquis, Fougerous, Fourme d’Ambert
Phelan-Segur ’66

Fig Fantasy Finish
Fonseca ’83

Brought to you on the feast day of St. Agabus, patron saint of Fortune Tellers, by the letter F


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