On Monday

20010611Wow, a jump from the last dinner of five months (more likely, I just don’t have the menus of a couple of in-between dinners on file). And dinner on a Monday, in June, so it’s not even a holiday that I can think of. Who remembers?

Second Sunday Supper Circle on Monday
June 11, 2001

Casaba, Canary & Crenshaw Melon Columns
Green Peppercorn Raspberry Vinaigrette
Codorniú Brut, n.v.

Roasted Spring Garlic & Wild Turkey Egg Custard
Pecan, Mousseron & Port Reduction
Domaine du Père Caboche Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 1998

Tian of Green Shallots, Baby Fennel & Anchovies
Black Olive & Orange Sauces
Domaine des Baumard Savennières, 1996

Lamb & Beet Sausages on a bed of Beet Linguini
Pistachio-Argan Oil Pesto
Paolo Bea Montefalco Rosso, 1996

King Island Dairy “Roaring Forties Blue”
Apple Walnut Oil Sorbet
Schloss Vollrads Auslese, 1976


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