Traditional Autumn Chocolate Rabbit Dinner

My first thought looking at this was, wtf? Then, looking at the title, I thought, well, maybe I’d done my version of my favorite chocolate braised rabbit several times before in the fall. And indeed, there, a decade earlier, in 1994, late October…. but the only other time was for a chocolate dinner in February of 1996. So, a tradition born of a single previous offering. So be it.

second sunday supper circle
traditional autumn chocolate rabbit dinner
sunday, november 14, 2004

cream of radish soup
classic cocktail: the booomerang

veal scallopini, meyer lemon salsa
1999 michel redde “cuvee marjorum” pouilly-fume

braised rabbit in chocolate
1982 torres gran coronas black label

nutmeg pie
1993 livio felluga picolit


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