Bush To Discuss Health Care During Visit To Wendy’s

bushburger– AP Wire –
Does this really need a comment?
Okay, from the Wendy’s International website:

We care deeply about the quality of our food. Since Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s® restaurant in 1969, we’ve served great-tasting, freshly prepared food, just the way you want it.

You manage your daily intake of food according to what’s important to you. Experts agree that it is important to maintain balance. The U.S. Department of Agriculture encourages regular physical activity; eating a variety of grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables; and choosing foods sensibly for good health.

Wendy’s, in collaboration with the American Dietetic Association, has created a guide, “Eating Better Together”, to help you and your family make menu choices for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll find tips about exercise and calorie intake, the importance of dairy and calcium and how to choose a healthy meal while dining out.

At Wendy’s, you can choose from a wide variety of great-tasting, satisfying meal options regardless of how you want to eat. Perhaps you want to look and feel fit. Or you have dietary restrictions for medical reasons. Or you’re controlling your weight.

In this section of wendys.com, we show you how Wendy’s can help address some of your specific dietary concerns. Armed with the right information, you can choose meals that taste great, but also meet your personal goals.

Possibly eating somewhere that doesn’t serve fast food? Not that I don’t like, and when I was back in the States, occasionally ate at, Wendy’s, but I went in kind of figuring that a double burger with mayo, extra large fries, and a frosty, weren’t exactly high on the health food list…


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