Second Time Around

Just shy of two years since the original edition’s publication, the second edition of my bilingual Spanish and English food and wine dictionary was officially published today and is available: Saltshaker Spanish-English-Spanish Food & Wine Dictionary – Second Edition

This edition incorporates many of the suggestions received over the last two years including making it pocketbook sized, decreasing the amount of “white space” (I’d originally figured on people perhaps wanting to make notes, but most seem to prefer a volume that takes up less room) and size of the typeface, as well as expanding the number of entries by around 40-45% to over 7,000.

Many thanks to those who contributed both suggestions and missing words and phrases over the last two years. Thanks in particular go out to Jean Strejan, who used a particularly experienced and critical eye on the formatting, and once again to Frank Rocca for his new and delightful piece of cover art and constant support.

dictionary 2nd edition cover


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