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This website is one of those ubiquitous places where I try to convince you that I lead a more interesting life than anyone else you know. Right... My attention tends to wander 'cross the map, so actually, this is just a place for me to keep track of whatever I happen to be interested in at the moment. It's also a place where I can try out new programming tricks I learn, so the look may change radically from time to time. Whether or not you choose to explore with me, or even give two hoots about what I'm engaged in, is up to you.

My current goal is to archive, online, all of my published (and perhaps a few non-published) scribblings. This is an ongoing process, as many of the articles only exist in print format (if at all) and are no longer on my computer's hard drive - retyping to be done as time permits...

Oh, and credits: my folks for early on instilling in me a great love of reading; Oakley Winters, the English teacher who first introduced me to the world of great literature and commentary; and Brad Spencer, my first journalism teacher, who taught me more about writing than I could ever thank him for!

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