Sailing the Isles of the Atlantic


A little tour through the Atlantic island countries, each dish representing a different cuisine.

First Port of Call
Poached Cod with Cardamom Sauce

Aalborg Akvavit Cocktails

Second Port of Call
The Canaries
Empanadas with Onion Marmalade

The Sow’s Ear Winery Cider

Third Port of Call
The Madeiras
Madeiran Onion Soup

Domaine Chandon Reserve

Fourth Port of Call
The Azores
Laurel Roasted Beef

1990 Mandos Reserva

Fifth Port of Call
The West Indies
The Ultimate Banana

Caribbean Coffee

The banana dessert is one that I’ve kept around – I more or less reproduced it at Casa SaltShaker here, but have since gone on to tweak it significantly.


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