A Tale of Two Cuisines


This was developing into an interesting series of dinners…. I wasn’t working in the restaurant field, temporarily, having been hired by the owner of a small restaurant to be her chef so that she could “step back” from the day to day management, and then suddenly walked in one day, announced that she’d missed being the chef and person in charge, and suggested I seek employment elsewhere. While looking around for a new gig I was doing some temp word processing work at a law firm, where I met the cast of characters who participated in these early dinners.

Chapter First
The Stilton, Leek and Roasted Garlic Tart

In which we are introduced to the tart in question; examine its French origins; drink a bottle of Tokaji from the Hungarian provinces; and generally relax into the evening.

Chapter Second
The Salmon-Eggplant Lasagna and Black Olive Salsa

In which we look into various fish affairs; the question of the Middle East arises; a bottle of Provençal wine is consumed; and the conversation turns to affairs of art, dance, music and literature.

Chapter Third
The Black Cherry Trifle

In which matters trifling are dealt with; tribute is paid to Her Royal Majesty; just desserts are received; a Marsala from Sicily is opened; and the evening is brought to a triumphant resolution.


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