Menu Restart


After a bit of faffing about as the saying goes, I’d decided that for awhile, I didn’t want to return to the kitchen professionally. During the previous couple of years one of the things I’d done was go through the basic sommelier’s training program from the Sommelier Society of America, and one day a friend called up and asked me if I’d come help him run the wine program at a new restaurant, American Renaissance. It was my first wine gig, and led to a decade plus of some fairly intensive immersion into that whole world. It did give me a bit more time to restart up the dinner parties, and this was probably the true first dinner of what became the Second Sunday Supper Circle.

Ménage à Thon
Tuna Tartare with Wasabi Vinaigrette
Seared Coconut Pink Peppercorn Tuna
Soy Ginger Preserved Tuna

1990 K. Neckerauer Dornfelder Weissherbst

Sandcrab, Saffron & Vanilla Soup
1991 Pipers Brook Chardonnay

Asparagus Flan with Morels
1991 Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard Merlot

Pan Roasted Quail with Date Purée and Sauce
Spring Rolls with Caramelized Figs, Serrano Ham and Salmon Roe

1988 Plantagenet Cabernet Sauvignon

Ceylon Mango Tea Sorbet

Sabra Genoise with Blood Orange Curd
Coffee Service
N.V. Gran Duque d’Alba Gran Reserva Brandy


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