Millennium Dinner

20010114Although the whole Y2K thing was oriented around the change in the year from 1999 to 2000, because of some potential computer glitches (that didn’t happen, but the hype surrounding it all was impressive), the actual date of the change of the millennium was January 1, 2001, not 2000. We celebrated with an understated dinner.

Second Sunday Supper Circle
January 14, 2001

Portobello Soup
Champagne Vranken Brut Cuvee de l’An 2000

Scallop Mousse, Root Vegetable Hash
Hidden Cellars Alchemy, 1995

Braised Rabbit
Giuseppe Quintarelli Alzero, 1991

Poppy Seed Torte
Schloss Vollrads Eiswein Auslese, 1970


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